I cant use New inputs HELP

Under bundles there should be a new output and new input, but there isn’t HELP i need it for a project

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Send me a link and I might be able to help u

In the bundle, delete the inputs and outputs and add new ones.

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Cool. Which object and which bundle.

Also, please note that you don’t need multiple player collisions for the button thing. Just one.

Im just trying to get the boss on level 2 to fire projectiles. But i cant do it without the new inputs and new outputs. the icons for the inputs I need have up and down arrows next to them, they should be in the bundle area.

And yes the player only has to jump on the button once for it to trigger the bridge

Are you talking about the behavior bundles tab? I can’t access your custom bundles.
And you don’t need bundles to fire projectiles, just do this if you want it to constantly fire: