I didnt finished my game in time :(

i was happy, beacuse i will participate in my first flowjam, but… i didnt finished in time, game not finished: Flowlab Game Creator - Transformers , its not for the flowjam anymore (also because I didn’t make my game in time) but is the same thing that i was thinking for the flowjam, but thats it!!


you do realise that you can keep sprites between levels, right?

Hey @pimpoplays - Don’t worry, there will be more Flowjam game jams :slight_smile:

This isn’t a bad start. Did you consider using a Scale behavior block to change the size instead of using different levels?


i know @TheDukinator but i wanted to make in another way

i dont know how to use it…

you just gotta put a trigger, than a number, than put that into the % symbol on the size block. it will become the number percent size of the original sprite. for example when you press E then it goes to 60 and into the percent of size. the sprite with then become 40% smaller, at 60%