I drank water and haven't burped

Edit:I finally burped!
Edit:I have hiccups now
Edit:hiccup gone
Edit:I wanna burp again
Edit:I no longer wanna burp
Edit:grazer commented on one of my discussions for the first time

I still haven’t burped

I finally burped!

So all the victims of this post have something quality in their lives

@Gamer20 - lots of folks have already requested that you stop polluting our glorious shared space here with unfettered nonsense.

I’m asking you again, as nicely as I can, to please only make a discussion if you have something at least tangentially relevant to Flowlab or game development to discuss. If you continue to insist on behaving like a spammer, I’m going to have to ban you like one, and I don’t really want to do that.