I feel an apology is in order

So after seeing the forum escalate in the past 20 minutes. I feel that I must apologize to @grazer for I did kind of start it by saying I wanted that badge for no apparent reason. Although it started as a joke some people (who will be un-named) cause it to get out of hand and thus grazer had to delete and close off two different discussion. So sorry grazer for any trouble that I’ve caused over that.

  • I’m sorry
  • I’m very sorry
  • I’m very very sorry
  • I’m righteous and have never done anything wrong ever

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No worries @ManiacPumpkin - I should have seen that coming I guess :slight_smile:


We just wanted badges…
I feel like a kid who wanted candy from a locked box so his brother pulled out a sledgehammer…

Aaand I can’t like posts anymore again lol

Lol, we should have grazer choose the “I’m righteous and perfect” poll option

I don’t know if I did anything wrong, especially since all I did was question the reasoning of people who wanted the badge, but I am going to apologize anyways, just in case.

I’m sorry everyone, if I did anything wrong.


Wow @LogicStudioz1

I’m getting 1 like in 24 seconds and I’ll use it to like your post lol


whya re you saying wow to me slime? @meburningslime

he didnt dm me lol…

I was already pushed, seriously considering whether or not to leave the forums.

I think the thread explosion only lasted for a couple of moments, and I doubt anyone even read it besides the people involved. I appreciate you guys apologizing, but I’m going to lock this thread too so it doesn’t drag out.

Let’s all just agree to consider it resolved :+1: