I forgot my password so i made this account

uhhh i need my password

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@grazer me needs mah password back blackhole aint blackhole if he doesnt have his password

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you look familiar… oof

hmmm let me look at your main acc…

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Blackhole_1001 is my main

Found it…your pb is familiar

ole im on a different computer and seems like only yous online

oof oof oof

oop nvm maniac pumpkin is here

I’m online, but there isn’t much I can do. Best thing to do now is to wait for grazer to show up and hope that he can change the password for you.
Best thing I would do is email him personally if you have account questions like this, cause it usually helps him out on sorting problems.

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ok imma sing the alfa bat: q s q f r t d g h j y r e s d f v c x z a s d f g h j t d s a now i know my jhasdehfuaeirdbrhguaery’s next time wont you NOT vote out me

What do u even mean?!

Could you not make a topic for this?

There’s literally a contact for help at the bottom of each page on flowlab.io.

Seriously, look for help before asking for help.


Literally off topic and clogging notifications and crap.

Isnt that effective to make a post and only naming it “Need my Password” maybe you should email him or just click “reset Password” ;))

Hey, @grazer. Sorry for tagging you, but I currently saw that you were online and wanted to know if you could help @Blackhole_1001 out since he forgot his password to his account. It’s never happened to me so I’m not entirely sure if you’re supposed to contact you via email or something, but like I said, I saw you in the neighborhood so I just wanted to know if you could take a peek at this.

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ive seen old posts grazer usually says to contacrt via email

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How does one forget a password…?

Just Save it or click remember me

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No clue, but if anyone knew my password they’d have access to almost everything.

Though all my passwords are the same but with a twist to each one.

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Yeah, I saw grazer replying to things when I was on so I figured I’d ask him hopping he would see it, but he never did.

But you’re probably right about the email thing so @Blackhole_but_he_forgot_his_password (longest name ever, lol) you might want to email him with a private email that you might have if you want to get your password back. Since I know he should 100% see an email, but usually not tags on a forum unless the discussion relates to him.