I Hate This Bug (Please Help)

I have been experiencing a bug that is becoming very frustrating and it has to do with a specific object that is in the UI layer not saving changes made to it code-wise. It is especially annoying because this object is being used as my camera (for smooth camera motion) Anyway just wanted to bring this up in case anyone has solutions to my problem. Thank You!

P.S. This has also been happening to copy-pasting code, where anything added to it (that is selected when using the lasso tool) gets deleted.

P.P.S. There is now a bug where the blocks “PointAt” & “MouseMove” plugged together don’t work as they should. And I Have Tried EVERYTHING, even shutting down my laptop but to no avail. Please Help.


Hey @yogergitater - I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with this. Can you post a link to the game if this is still happening? I’ll try to see if I can reproduce the problem.


try using the game coordinates for the mouse, not the screen coords

make sure you have a secure internet connection before editing code.

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Here is the game I fixed the problem by turning the Camera object into a GameWorld object instead of a UI object but it’s still there if you want to fiddle with it. Although I’m still having an issue with the “PointAt” and “MouseMove” blocks even when I change the “MouseMove” type (game cords/screen cords)

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you never changed it to game coords
go into mousemove, and leave it at game coords. it will work

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Thanks for the help, I don’t know why but yesterday, nothing was working. But thank you all for the help.