I have a Challenge for Flowlab!

We’ve had so many fan-flowjams and artist competitions I thiought i would challenge flowlab something a bit more impressive.

I call upon flowlabbers of all shapes, skills and sizes to attempt something that seems so foolish until you realise it isn’t.

Similar to The Recent Mortal Kombat game on here, I Challenge flowlab to work together or apart to create a near perfect recreation of Sonic 1.

All the sprites you need are most likely on Google or a sonic database or archive, animations included, it’s the code that is the main problem.

But for a simple platformer with interesting game mechanics people like @JR01, @TinkerSmith or even @PixelPizza could probably do it. I think it’s possible to do this.

And it dosnt have to be perfect, but as similar as it gets.

Try to use the same sprites of those in the game, and try not to add anything unnecessarily in.

Sorry, but the Sonic With a Gun or Sonic and Kyle games do not count.

You have until I’m going to say August, but I don’t really want this rushed, just done.

And also I get most of you are busy, just something to try if you’re bored or want a challenge.


Ok man I’ll see what I can do. (Takes deep breath while trying to squeeze this in to his agenda of Rocket Rumble and the Twister Jam)

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Does it have to be sonic 1? I like sonic 1 but I prefer sonic cd. I doesn’t really matter which one I do


@kkstrain1 For now Sonic 1, if its a success we can do 2 and CD


what the what :thinking: ooooooooooooooooooooooook

Alright this should be fun