I have a question

So lets say that when you collision with a coin it sends a message to another block in another level.
Will that send or can you not send through levels?

You can make the #Coin created a block that is non-collidable and make it save between levels… (block should be invisible too!) , the block should sent a message to the block it is supposed to send to, that way the block accepts the message.

Can you send a picture?

@“Johnny boy” - you cannot send a message to an object in another level, since that level doesn’t exist yet. When you change levels, everything in the current level gets destroyed, and then everything in the new level gets created.

To carry information from one level to another, you can set an object to “Keep between levels” in its properties panel. This way the object will not be destroyed when the levels change. If you want to communicate a message from an object in level 1 to an object in level 2, you could do this:

  1. Create an object that will relay your message, call it “relay” or something
  2. Set the “relay” object to “keep between levels”
  3. Send a message from object 1 in level one to the relay object
  4. When level 2 loads, send a message from “relay” to object 2

This would give you the ability to simulate sending a message across levels.

what do you mean about when level 2 loads is there an output