I have AI questions

Ok my questions are:

Can you make the AI chase a player while respecting the walls?

Can you make the AI go to a sound and also attack the player on sight?

Can you make the AI Lose sight of the player.

  • Yep, using raycasts and/or proximity

  • AI Hearing things can be achieved on a basic level using the summon behaviour and the extraction behaviour.

  • Yes, using raycasts

And sadly, since I’m working with a free account rn, I can’t show an example but I can go into detail if you need it haha

Note: AI’s working on the 2D Game scale are much easier to create than 2.5D/Top-Down

Ok much thanks.
Also didn’t the proximity get removed?

Can somebody tell me the patch notes I didn’t receive them.

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No, proximity has not been removed, but the lag it causes has been reduced, which is a blessing for people who make AI’s, since it really is a useful behaviour.

It isn’t on the behavior thing on the left of the screen for me.
That’s the only thing I could think of calling it.

Interesting, let me check on of my old games

Edit: Huh! It’s not there anymore… Very strange. Let me check the patch notes, here… This is not good hahaha

Yes some things got removed I think like background repeats and proximity which ruined my game. YES THIS IS NOT GOOD

Proximity had been moved to “Components” in the patch. Right under attacher.


Oh! Thank goodness hahaha

WHY. When I saw it was gone my heart be like

haha well the good thing is; we still have our proximity behaviour!

Oh and background repeats is back.

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Cheers to proximity for being the third most complicated behavior (in my opinion)

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This makes me want to Make AI hold on,

Hey, you should watch the Obstacles & Enemies video here: https://flowlab.io/exploring_flowlab


Have these videos always been there??? Man, I had to learn it the hard way lol.

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oh ok. Sorry for not replying. I watch video.

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