I have an announcement

iv bin making a new game with @sans7657 check out his games
also me and him where making a game called,the hardest parkour so do to that im not able to update my game called caution

So are you wanting us to play the game, or is this just a announcement that you are coming up with a future game. Either way I would love to play it once its finished.

I think this is just an announcement. He is just saying to check out sans’ games so that we can support his games, and know what to expect from this new game.

Oh okay. I just didn’t know if there was supposed to be a link involved or not so i got super confused, but that makes more sense. Anyway @bentley.holmquist good luck with your game :smile:


thx its going to be a long project

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also check out this game https://flowlab.io/game/play/1518159