I Have Some Problems with Cookie Clicker Story Mode - My New Game:

So I have some problems with my game I was hoping could be fixed. I First, you can only jump a number of times, second the code for buildings are not working.
When you click the cookie it adds 1, and sends it to the building. When it has one hundred, I put a logic gate of “When clicked” and “Filter - Greater than 99” with the result of removing 99 cookies and purchasing one building but unfortunately this is not the case, and I cannot figure out why. Same with jumping. I just got “Run and Jump” bundle and deleted the “Run” Part of it and increased the jump force, in which works in all my other games.

And taking into consideration I will have to do this with all four buildings this may become too complex and If i do manage to do it the lag will desimate the gameplay. Also Can someone shead more light on how variables work - because if you name a variable “Cookie” on one object and done the same on another, are they seaperate to the object or shhared like variables should be, because variables are like that in most coding launguages and game creation platforms (e.g scratch) so if that could be answered, that would be fantastic as well.

The Game:


Jump seems to work for me but using raycast may help with the jump:

About the second part, There are several things you can do.

  • You need to NOT set the number to ‘Value’ to the filter (Highlighted Red).
  • For the AND gate to work, you need an Always input so you can input the same time as a click.
  • The -100 had no input, Attach it to the AND gate output.
  • You have no Mailbox in the Cookie, to subtract 100.