I have some questions about flowlab

So, my son and I were making a game together yesterday and we tried to save our progress, but couldn’t find a save button. I still have the tab open to see if we can find it.

Anyways, here are some other things we had trouble with:

Animations. We made them, but can’t find anything in the coder
Our player sometimes sticks to walls
If we are underneath a platform, we can jump infinitely
We didn’t figure out a way to go to a new level during play mode, though we did find the create a new level.


1.Save is in the Gameflow.
2.Animations are in the properties.Press the animation block thing and pick an animation for the sprite.
3.Go to “physics” on the character and make the collision shape a capsule.


4.Connect Collision & Next Level or Mouse Click & Next Level.(Depends if you want it to be clicked or touched by the player.)


To answer some of you’re questions:

Saving is automatic, but be careful, sometimes if you exit the tab before Flowlab is able to autosave then you’re progress will be lost so make sure to exit to the editor properly.

As LMTPE said, the animation behavior is under the properties tab, if you need help understanding how to correctly connect the logic or if the behavior hand book doesn’t help then don’t hesitate to ask!

Also as LMTPE said, open the object and in the bottom right corner will be the physics tab which will show you more settings. Then change the collision shape to capsule.

The infinite jump is a common problem and the solutions can be code specific so it would be helpful if you provided a link to the game so that we can know exactly what to do and how to fix it.

In the Game Flow tab there is the next level behavior, I can’t say much more because I don’t know what you want to trigger it so a link to the game would be helpful in this case.

Hope this can help in some way shape or form!


To instantly save, just tap escape twice.


If you want some advanced stuff on sticking to walls:

  1. Create an always block
  2. Create a raycast block, pointing 90 degrees, size 16, and attach that to the always
  3. On hit, take a 100 number and connect it to a friction on the materials block
  4. On miss, take a zero number and connect it to a friction on the materials block

There you go! Now you don’t have friction when touching the sides of blocks!


Ignore the other lines, that’s just some other stuff for special blocks I created


To go to next level

If you’re talking about loading the level, go to the levels and click load next to the level you want to load.


If you’re talking about going to a new level in the programming, click on the NextLevel block. This will bring up some options. Click on the level you would like to go to, and connect the trigger to the go part of the NextLevel.



Saving progress in game is quite a difficult task, maybe @JR01 Can help me with this, but saving in general is automatic unless there is no wifi connection, and also it’s recommended you use the polygon shape with a custom hitbox, as shown here: