You probably either clicked on this expecting a scam or a mindblowing discovery. Trust me, it’s the latter.
I have seen numerous attempts at randomized terrain, and some have been successful, but at the cost of the quality of randomization. However, I found how to.
I was studying my algebra (I know it’s dumb lol) and came across midpoint vectors. I then had an assignment to research how modelers use it in 3D Generations. I consequently found this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSX1pN_dQQA
If you replace the -1 and +1 with -1x320 and +1x320, then have the degeneration -32 and +32, you could theoretically create perfect randomized generation! @grazer please look at this. Midpoint displacement is epic!!!1

@grazer @Latif @seamothmaster45 @todorrobot @“BEBE YODA” @rcreger PLEASE READ AND WATCH!!!

I saw but something is wrong with the video It wont let me watch.

what is it called?

https://www. youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=xSX1pN_dQQA&feature=emb_title
Now you can copy and paste it in

@“JR 01” and @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev Come look


A basic example I’m working on
@grazer please read this!!!

Nice one :slight_smile:
I like Godot (shush, don’t tell)


@meburningslime , in case you are into this kind of stuff, one I used quite frequently is the 1D Perlin Noise algorithm. It also creates nice curves that don’t go all over the place.


That’s awesome @TinkerSmith !

@meburningslime do you think I would be able to use this in a top down game to randomly spawn at least 80 abandoned villages?

Yes, but there are other ways to do that, such as my randomizer in Galaxy Trek. The midpoint variables are good for generating natural terrain though.
Use randomizers that go as far as the borders of the map(In pixels) and have those randomizers run into a spawn block. After that, attach a timer to all 3 blocks and make it repeat 80 times.
If you have more than 1 block, then make the town hall ranomly place buildings around it in the same fashion, only with a much smaller range.

So - How would you use this? Would you have to go into javascript? Yeah, I know, I’m dumb, but still confused.

No. Basically, at the beginning of the game, make a block that randomly goes up or down by 10. It then spawns 2 blocks on either side of it, halfway to the edge of the map. These randomly either go up or down by 9. They then spawn some that go at 8, then 7, ect. until you hit 0. The you have a natural-looking terrain!