I know who might be @grazer ‘s son

Here are my thoughts, either @muddyapples or @Luminous if you think about they are both very good at coding on Flowlab.io but @muddyapples is better at game art plus he is still active unlike @Luminous and both of them are never on the forums, I am more leaning towards @muddyapples @grazers ‘son but I could be wrong so comment down what you think @muddyapples is #1 and @Luminous is #2 so say either 1 or 2 and comment why also @grazer don’t spoil it until you think their are enough votes cause I could be right or wrong.

Wait, @grazer has a son? haha

grazer said his sons dont use the forums at all period debunked but thats just a fact a common sense fact


intensely stares @grazer has a son?

Yes he has a son he made Flowlab.io just for him until he had a big brained idea and decided to share his work with the world he also said that his son is never on the forums

yup thats why grazer made flowlab lol

I lost all my men on boom beach and waiting to recharge so I arrive to the forums for a sec to see like 4 people all replying at once, lol

Now I feel like such an idiot


Don’t worry @Ramshacklegamestudi1 not a lot of people knew about this @ManiacPumpkin actually told me about it :slight_smile:

wow, okay…it just feels like something I should’ve known lol

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yea but he dont use the forums so I doubt we know him at all,but hey thats just a fact a common sense fact

And that’s a fact, lol

so @GrimProductionZ you are a CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL of not keeping that in mind

What do you mean by that :confused:

Glithctyrus is correct, Grazer said that before.
(But its not common sense fact, its just a fact that Grazer said it one time before)

grazer’s son is actually [Redacted]
Here’s a picture of him. Looks just like grazer.


Do you actually know who he is though or are u just messing around lol

hes messing around lol

so if grazer didnt have a son we wouldnt be here today.