I’m the imposter among you

So I recently joined a while ago. And some of you are maybe wondering why my games are really good for someone who is new and if you weren’t well then sucks to be I guess. I am a previous member that left flowlab.io a while back and decided to rejoin in secret, so if you want you guys can start polls below on who you think i am. And for those few that do (previous friends) don’t say anything about it. So yeah just start some polls down below and add some names that might be me.

I will also tell you if your right or wrong so happy hunting.

For a while, ever since you said (publicly) that you would tell meburningslime your secret identity, I began to suspect you. Then I noticed that your grammar was eerily similar to this user that you mentioned, not to mention that you both have a similar profile picture. So I think that you are @GrimProductionZ.

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Well, I think almost everyone on here knows who you are. You icon literally almost matches that of someone who was banned from forums, so technically you didn’t leave, you were just banned sadly.

Also what Galaxiangames said, your grammar is almost the same as@GrimProductionZ

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And another thing was that when you had your first flag, you panicked almost immediately. Grim was banned because so many people flagged his posts, so grazer saw all of the bad things he said. I’ve had one of my posts flagged before (actually three), and I didn’t think much of it (I still voiced my frustration because those posts were wrongfully flagged). So I thought that you had the reaction because you had a flashback where everyone was flagging your posts anytime you said something bad or started spamming (like typing “zjbnsjbvkxnjkb”).

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Always thought you seemed very similar to @GrimProductionZ


Not going to lie if you guys were a group of crew mates you win in like 2 secs, but again most of what you are saying is not entirely true i was not banned at all, as said from @ManiacPumpkin. Technically @grazer was giving me a warning about that and i wasn’t able to speak on the forums and he banned me for 1000 years by mistake. Which then he decided to leave it that way and make a deal with me. Also as @MetaNinja said about my profile pic was a dead giveaway. Also don’t know how you found out about the grammar i cant even tell. And continuing about the deal me and @grazer had i was actually scared about the flags because that was the main rule of the deal, he would transfer my original games to this account if i participated on the forums for a month and get no flags, luckily he said the flags i got were no big deal so i got my games back. And if this was scooby doo you would all be Fred.

And do me a big favor and treat me differently than my original account i don’t wan’t to be treated like that again. Mostly cause i screwed up and did it to myself, but can we all just forget that every happened and start over :wink:


Dang, we’re all detectives.

I will respect the fact you got a second chance, and I won’t treat you as a terrible person despite all the trouble from before. As long as you learned your mistakes, I am willing to accept you as a fellow Flowlab member once again. :smiley:

Also, if you were wondering how I spotted the grammar part, it is because there is a lack of periods, commas, conjunctions, etc, so sometimes the sentences became runoffs. Sometimes this led to confusion and I had to reread your sentences a few times in order to get a good idea on what you were trying to say. But grammar is not a huge problem on the forums unless nobody could understand what you were saying.

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Ok makes sense

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