I made a bug report and it got deleted?

I made a bug report about how it says I have 1 Unread notification on the community app but there’s nothing there, after an hour someone removed the post. Why was it taken down???

You’ve been spamming the forums with a lot of different posts today; so I imagine it was to clear up traffic. However; the bug was probably written down, so you’re good :smile:

Make sure to post a bit less often, can seem a bit overwhelming for other users in the grand scheme of things haha


Ok ;p; I won’t post that often anymore. Just had a few questions randomly pop up

haha quick tip; if you have anymore small questions like this; feel free to ask them, just place them in one singular post that stays active, so that it doesn’t fill up the forums. But if it’s a big thing like a bug report, or a game you’d like to share, that’s something that deserves it’s own topic, so go ahead and make one for that :+1:t2:

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I’ll post the Bug report and my last topic for a while in the morning/tomorrow :smile:

Hello @Benicheen - this forum is using software called Discourse, it is not custom for this website. I don’t believe that what you are seeing is a bug, but even if it is this is not the correct place to report it :slight_smile:

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