I made a game called Dark Alone

Please play it
heres the link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1510130

Not sure if its a big or not, but the game just kept restarting and I can’t even move. I noticed the ghost followed the players movements, but every time they hit a pink sprite the game resets. All I can say is that the game is unplayable until that gets fixed, but the game looks pretty cool. It’s a really good start and cant wait to play it.

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Thank you for the tip! :slightly_smiling_face: The character moved for me, but i’ll see what i can do!

Oh and press the pause button to see the rules. ok?

i forgot go to the main menu in the pause menu to see the rules

fyi. I made A update topic so look at it incase you wanna see updates

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very old topic