I Made A Game! (Parkour game in Portuguese) Now in itch.io!

Flowlab Game Creator - Em Um Dia Chuvoso, Fazendo Parkour (I MADE THIS GAME IN PORTUGESE, SOON I WILL TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH)
Em Um Dia Chuvoso Fazendo Parkour (portugese game title) In A Rainy Day, Doing Parkour (english game title)
Captura da Web_16-12-2021_14243_flowlab.io

I forgot to tell! you can download the game on ITCH IO!
(only portugese)
Thanks, PimpoPlays

@grazer @John_Shrekinson @hihilogic


Share it with Portuguese people as well

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Yes, I think I’ll publish the game on ITCH. IO and on my Brazilian website!



Congrats on finishing and publishing a game! Actually getting something finished and published is no small task :slight_smile:


Yeah, i made the game in like… 2weeks and for publish, i waited 1day to publish in the itch io (i dont know why, they said i need to wait 1 day and my game will be publish) but now is already published!!

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