I made a joke account but i didnt realize i couldn't change the name @Grazer

So yeah… Can someone change my name to “xOwen39”?

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Don’t worry, @grazer will gladly change your name.

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Hey, that doesn’t seem to be your actual Flowlab username - maybe you just changed your forum profile name? In that case, logging out and back into the forum should change it back. Otherwise, message me your email address so I can find the account.

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I logged out and back in.

@grazer how do I message someone

i tried to message you, @grazer but it didnt let me. heres my profile. https://flowlab.io/users/profile/955591

Hey, I’ve updated your username in Flowlab. Please log out and back into the forum and that should fix it here as well.

Thanks, grazer :smiley:

I don’t know who flagged this but I’m actually very ticked for reasons for one this was not inappropriate in any way and I was making a harmless joke to make some humor in somebody’s day. Also for other reasons about other things and not I’m screwed so hope whoever did this is happy for ruining someone else’s day. Also how come mine gets flagged and not @MrMcMemerMan. Someone please explain why.



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yeah idk, just repost it

No i had a deal with someone maybe someone who is special and now i am screwed so yeah

@grazer could you change my name too? It would be dæmønīk dūck please. Here is my profile link: https://community.flowlab.io/u/cactus_studios/summary