I need a bear sprite

I need a bear sprite character for my main character in my game. Anyone?


uhh… what kind of bear? brown, black, white? do you want it sitting/walking/standing? do you need animations? do you want it to be cartoonish? realistic? do you want an outline on it??


Let’s make it cartoonish with animations, and the color is yellow. (hope its not too much)

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bro make the sprite yourself and dont make the section “Art, Sounds, and Music” make it “help request”

i made it 1000 times, its so bad. Each time it’s worse.

i feel sorry 4 u @TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab :heart:

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thanks, thorn for the appreciation. :smiley:

Please stop asking us to do labour that will take us an hour of our time just for you for free. If you want someone to make sprites for you and make a ton of animations for you, hire someone.

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No worries ma man, I got just the thing for you.
This is an original character I myself made a few seconds ago.

I, unfortunately, could not animate it, because I’m too washed from not having done animation for more than 5 seconds, a total tragedy, a troublesome travesty, a truly tragic tale to tell.

o(  ̄▽ ̄)--------------------------b your most humblest of welcomes~

plz no su disknee


xd, oh well. I’ll just change its color

Bruh no that’s Winnie the Pooh (Xi Jinping’s favorite character).


yeah, it is like animal crossing but not that kind of bear.


he really just accepted a pixelized picture of winnie the pooh, no questions even asked. good sarcasm though :+1:


yus me accept a winnie da poo as a secret skin >:)

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i don’t believe that, why would you put a still image in as a playable character

the answer is one word, y e s

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stop saying that you keep saying that on every post he makes for helping. we get it already

they obviously don’t get it since they keep asking…

okay well stop saying it you said the same thing over and over