I need a pixel art artist

me and my small dev team of 3 people need an artist. I’ll just get it out of the way, I’m bad at pixel art but good at coding. its a real issue. I’ve been sticking to a simplistic art style but I’ve been getting tired of it… please help. also… I’m broke so no payment, sorry :frowning:

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I am willing to draw game art for free. Tell me what sprites you want, the resolution, and the sprite size.

YES, I accept the offer and i’ll just give you an invite so you can help, thank you!

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No problem.

I’m on the team. Can you send me the sprite sizes, style, and resolution so I can get to drawing?

yes! Absolutely, i’d suggest you start with redoing the animation for the player in (big scary 2D) thank you!

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I may not be able to do it today, but I will see if I can.
Can you send me the name of the sprites that need to be re-done? The names are very confusing.

What do you want the player sprite to look like? I need a description of the art request, or I can not make it.