I need a review

Here’s my game- https://flowlab.io/game/play/1116489
I want someone to help me find problems, and tell me what needs to be added. Also What you like, So I know what i’m doing right.

Ask @BitWit !

@Lexmaier06 Dont know how I didnt see this, but yeah, if you want a review I would be happy to give you one! Just post it on my review thread here: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/8741/game-review-forum-by-bitwit/p1 if you want to have your game reviewed in my typical fashion!

I did request a review

@Lexmaier06 You’re totally right, I’m sorry! Your game is the one I’m reviewing next; I don’t know what happened. I must’ve confused you for someone else. Sorry!