I need a screen shake

I’m working on a science project, and I need a screenshake bundle

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Here is an example game that features screen shaking:

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I have some bundles in my bundle library for the camera.
Flowlab Game Creator - Bundle Library


I while back I actually copy and pasted JR_01’s bundle and added it to my bundles.

That was ofc 4 months ago lol, it’s a good bundle to have. (that and a checkpoint are the best minor bundles for me)

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Thank you guys @DinoDev @MetaNinja @JR01 , but I already solved my problem, lol :sweat_smile:
I figured out that screen shake doesn’t affect the UI, so I just had to use it with the pos.


Nice, I like it but I suggest fixing a few things (I understand that it’s for a school project but for the sake of a good work ethic you should put all effort in):

  • Make a better movement (meaning one that doesn’t have you fall forward, this is achievable by adding a 0 x velocity when the left or right key goes up)
  • Add switches or pause the game once you survive a tsunami, I kept having to restart even when I survived.
  • Make the parkour a bit easier? I don’t suppose your teacher is a gamer and I don’t think she’ll make those insane jumps (might just be me).

I still suggest using camera to shake for the game, and position for the UI by using Globals.

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