I need an idle animation


Yeah I can help you if thats what you need?

cant you just do that its not that hard

Ok, ill try doing that.

btw do u know how to publish games to the game list?

Ok if you need any help with any advanced coding or animations or just something in general ill be happy to help.

Do you mean the main home page? If so, the way is by being one of the top people in the Flowjam. There might be other ways, but this is the only one I know of.

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You can also get voted in by the community if they think it’s a good game. But it would have to be extraordinary.

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I can HEllppp!!!

WHAtttttt was THAT !!!

Why is that image needed?


IDK i was trying to send a sprite but that was there instead…

ok, you can edit the message if you want to replace it.


here’s a nice tutorial for you I found, have fun
as a note, you don’t have to be very fancy with such a simple sprite


I bet you have too pay for this as well?

it’s actually free. I bet it’s pretty easy to find probably too.

Nvm you don’t get the joke

Is this something like a meme? I don’t really pay attention to those sorts of things

No @Baron_Wasteland charges for every art he makes, he never tries to help someone with he just tells them to buy his.