I need art for my game, can anyone help me make it?

Whoever wins will be the background for my game! Has to be related to a bluejay holding a sword in a RPG style

this is obviously just a way to get free art

yes,but they will get credit but thats still not enough :smiling_face_with_tear:

what size and does it need to be pixel art?

15 width 10 height, in the flowlab grid.

ok ez (give me a day or two)


ratio bc i actually want to do it

my entry @Vaprzz

K just, give me a bit!


A lot of people aren’t usually on board when someone asks for art for many reasons.

People can freely explain and send examples of code since that’s how users can learn on flowlab by seeing what others have made and using variations to fit your game.

Art is a little different since everyone has different art styles and even having collaborations between multiple users can create monstrous game if not properly organized. Since the game could include objects of two different styles that don’t fit at all.

Also Art takes much, much longer for nicer pieces and animations can sometimes be a pain as well. Code can take just as long, but for experienced users, it don’t usually take much to help explain or send pre-made examples they either found or made over the years.

Also when people make art for others, the one receiving won’t ever grow. Sometimes you can ask for different sprites of something someone usually specializes in, like I asked a friend of mine if he wanted to make a forest scenery, since he had access to a pixel art software, he made it way faster and easier than I could have. Which situations like that is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend asking for characters designs or something that effects the game drastically.

You can ask help for tips and I would suggest even looking up references on different existing sprites. I’ve done that when I create pixel art and although I’m not the best at it, I would say that my art has grown a lot when I first started.

At least these are some reasons I’m not particularly fond of giving away free art, it’s mostly takes time and you won’t be able to grow from using other peoples sprites. Plus if the rest of the game is your sprites other than a character, it probably won’t fit too good.

blue jay


ok here you go, its 10x15

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noice, have fun being in the credits!

well now i need a player model, BUT i can use refrence from @BradenS’s title background.
i will try my best

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unless braden wants to make a jump, swing,run, and flying animation

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no thanks lol make ur own art

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