I need artists!

I need an artist who isnt very busy and is really good at pixel art, please let me know if you want to help!

I wanna help. Because I like art. :slight_smile:

You know my skill don’t you squidward

download thats the general apearance of your 1st job and the pixel art must be this

pixel art quality if you can.

Is That Made From Pixilart.com?

no that is from a game it was the best example i have.

Oops! Wrong Link Dont Click

There. I Changed The Link Now

sorry if that sounded mean

i know,

thats ok i was just about to flag my own post xD

i dunno what i clicked, sorry

im still new to this

i suck at pixel art so if your a good artist then the instructions are above, it wasnt a bad picture @Autumnwind_cat it was just not what i wanted.

the only thing i would change in the png image when you make the pixel art for this is instead of the tattered clothing i want it to look like clean leather armor, yah know with the belts across the shoulder etc.

What’s the Dino thing called

well its actually a lizard folk, but the characters name is Mark Reese

8-bit is back but i still need artists to work on a few other things, the next project is I want this-

but with out the armor and the backround, and facing left or right (because its for a platformer).

…or just completely ignore this post all together…