I need help, BUGS!!!

My game is blinking white and my character can’t move. PLZ HELP!!! here is the game link


The player restarts the level whenever he touches the floor.

thx so much! didnot see that! I will INVITE you to my dev team! thx again!

its platformer team FYI

your a pro at flowlab!


My game char won’t touch the manager!


Here is the link

Sometimes it works but other times it doesn’t.

Sorry @aiden.tse, I dont do teams outside of a very small group.
I’m happy to help though if you’re ever stuck. Just @me in the Forums with a new discussion with the game link, just like you did here.
Good luck with the game!

@“lucas.tse”, please create a new discussion for your problem.
It seems the Mailbox isn’t seeing “STORY 8” message. Try renaming “STORY8” for both message and mailbox.

It’s ok! thx anyway!