I need help, @JR_01

i used the shop in JR_01’s tutorials but its gone crazy! Whats wrong? https://flowlab.io/game/play/1668774

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I’d help but it’s 1:30 am where I’m at and I can’t even get myself together let alone a shop.

If nobody has replied by tomorrow morning I should be able to help.

ok sry then::sweat: :sweat:

idk 4 u but 4 me its eleven oclock in the morning…?

It’s 7:20 where I am.

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Bruh in my country it was 3 pm

Your shop works for me… I bought the female potion and the gold potion.

And it took it out of my balance, seems fine to me my friend.

when you went back to the level, did the skins change? more importantly, when u booted up the game, was it the default skin

(sorry for being off-topic) but Is it ok if I grammar correct your title?

ok sure lmaoooooooooo

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Also i can change the category if you want

no I did that to the title on purpose lol

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okie (no 20)

no I dido you think u could test out my shop @Blackhole_1001 and tell me how it is, btw pls also tell me if the skin saves after u have pressed the back button (icon at the bottom of the shop

Okie if its wrong i can help i used JR_01’s shop thingie it worked perfect

WOW!!! It worked perfectly! no need to do help!

even when you went back to the first level , the skin saved?

Only for the gurl

you mean the gold didnt work