I need help making a RPG...

Paper Mario: The Throwback is going through some changes, but I can’t seem to get Mario to walk normally, the right button won’t even respond to my command. Can anyone send me a picture of what the RPG walking behavior would look like?

If I understand you correctly, here is an example of RPG/Top Down movement. Use the arrow keys to move:


Great! Thanks so much grazer!

I might have something that will help. It’'s an example of a different RPG walk behavior, but fit to be more Paper Mario-ish.


grazer. your character isnt falling down. but mine does. your character is enabled movable and affected by gravity. i enabled it, and it falls down. and for the solid block, i cant disable movable because if i disable movable, the affected by gravity will be disabled too.

Even though this topic is old, I was recently working on a 3D Paper Marioesque RPG system.
Try it out here: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/2642/3d-paper-marioesque-rpg-physics-test

Hmm. Why do you need gravity on, though?

I think in one of the old updates grazer disabled “affected by gravity” when movable was disabled because if it’s affected by gravity it has to go down, and if it’s not movable it can’t go down.

That’s why I generally use a motor.

Its not supposed to fall down, its TOP-DOWN
not sidescroll

Unless its some sort of swap worlds thing

for what game?

The example

i was talking about the new question by natnatgaming101. he was asking about having gravity on for RPGs, idk why

NatnatGaming101 - set your gravity to 0 in the game settings