I need help on a Weapon Shop

Has anyone ever built their own Weapon Shop? I am trying to get ideas for a shop, that saves, likes Jr01’s shop, but instead with weapons.
Any ideas and example would help!
Thank you!


I think you can use the exact same example, but with some minor adjustments made for the different object type.


The thing is, if I try to attach a weapon, like an arrow, it doesn’t really look good on the character. I haven’t made this yet but I’ve tried and looks terrible. I just thought that someone might have an example of how to do this.


A link would help.


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So you used JR_01’s example to make the shop and now you need it to look good. Isn’t that just a graphical thing, not code-related? (Unless you want to move the attached object)

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The main question I had is if someone had an example. Does anyone have an example of this?

Does any of this help?

Make sure if you make a video that you credit the examples you used, otherwise you’re just taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own. (And code if someone gives you a large amount of it)