I need help pleaze

I need some ideas for what game to make. If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to do a collab, plz let me know.

I get it you want people to make a game with you. But you don’t have to make multiple discussions asking for the same thing. At this point it’s just spam.

You only have to limit yourself to a single discussion and most users probably won’t take up on the offer since your still quite new, most users will help with questions, but probably don’t have the time in their schedule to directly work on the game.

The community is rather small compared to many other development communities and most users on here also have real life events you have to acknowledge, such as education, family, or just life in general.

Most of us can help with ideas and concepts, but there’s already a lot of dev teams and projects going on, that most don’t feel like pushing aside. So what I’m saying is that you’ll have to be patient without bugging anyone.

I personally wouldn’t mind helping out, but I already have a lot on my plate currently so the best I can offer is guidance or any questions you may have on the forums.


that’s actually deep. thanks

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I was literally going to say this. (I Don’t mean to be off-topic or anything).

cool. btw, do you know what autism is?

Whats that have to do with flowlab

There was some conflict on another discussion.

do you? I’m not mad, I just want an honest answer. please.

Please don’t bring this up openly on the forums. Move it to a private message. There’s already been enough drama as is.

this is technically my forum. I made this post, soooo…

no offense or anything, though

Well, technically you can post whatever you want as long as it’s within community guidelines, but since your post is directly targeting a single user over a private matter should probably be taken to a private message. It may not mean anything, but anyone can view this topic freely and like how praisetheyuppee witnessed your post out of context, it sounds very odd and makes it seems like your attacking Beheaded without knowing what had happens on other discussions.

well, I didn’t mean for people to see this, and I didn’t know that, so…