I need help to create a few characters | I would also like to add character from other flowlab games

I have added a shop in DRIVE and I’m having some trouble on creating a few designs to be added to the game.
Other than adding characters, the game is just about complete. I would like to get at least 5 In-Game Characters before releasing the game with the shop option.
If the game is release before more characters are added, I can just add the shop button in an update whenever I do have more characters.

I would like to add 2 different type of characters. The In-Game characters and the Flowlab Characters.
I would like to add a seperate category of characters to the shop that will represent games from flowlab.
The Flowlab characters will have the name of the game it came from, a link to its game, the user’s name and the characters name [if available] (All optional).
Vehicles that looks like or represent your game are good too. Flowlab characters will be the only things in the game with color.
You can only one character for each game or series. Permission to use such characters are only by the owner of the game.
Keep in mind that the player hitbox will always be the square size of the origanal character. Not all designs will be used, but has a pretty good chance of being in.

In-Game characters:

  • Must be Black and White
  • Must be within 64 x 32 pixels (2 x 1 blocks)
  • Vehicle based (Car, truck, bike, etc.)
  • detailed (basically if it looks like a vehicle)
  • works with the original car hitbox

    Flowlab Characters:
  • Must be within 64 x 32 pixels (2 x 1 blocks)
  • represents your game
  • works with the original car hitbox

Let me know if this sounds like something y’all want.
Leave a comment of a In-game design to be in the game.
Leave a comment of your Flowlab Character with a link to the game, character name (if available), and the name of the game.
Game Link: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/938307