I need help to make ad`s work

Hello, i need help how to export my game to the googl play and make the ad`s work, and how to create admode thing, please help


so you’re gonna add ads, huh? Its that kind of game…

I’m guessing not a lot of people try to add ads. Probably for this techinical stuff I’ll summon Grazer and JR01 because I know he made ads for “Focus 2”

Hey @Cleshar1 - exporting for Android is pretty easy, just click “Export for Mobile or Desktop” next to your game, then select “Android” on the next screen, and upload an icon. You’ll need to use a package type of “aab” for uploading to the Play store, but it’s easier to test using “apk” on your device.

For ads, you have to start by creating an AdMob account here:

Then you can:

  • Set up the types of ads you would like to run inside admob
  • Add an “Ad” behavior to your game, and trigger it somehow
  • Put the ad ids from AdMob into your Ad behavior
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