I need help with a boss attack I have an animation for it but it doesnt show up when it is triggered

Flowlab Game Creator - beezlebum the cyclops this is the game it is in the potato man at the end of the level

I haven’t looked at the game yet, but it may be caused by one of these things.

  1. You’re already playing an animation.
  2. You haven’t set the Animation behavior to the animation you want yet.
  3. Something is going into the “Stop” input.

It’s probably one of those 3 things.

It is the animation already playing but I can’t figure out how to stop it

stoop the other animation

You can use the Stop input on the animation, or could set the attack to a higher priority (If you click on the Animation behavior you will see a number that says priority, if you increase it, it will play over the current animation.)

thanks forthe help I used priority and it worked

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Read at my answer how to stop animation when it playing. :arrow_down::arrow_down:

fthere is a stop trigger on the animation. try doing: TRIGGERS it automatically plays after pressing escape, then the clik behaviour drag the “DOWN” wire to “STOP” / “STOP ANIMATION” to trigger this
formula. Now try pressing escape and you see your animation moving, click on it, and the action it does,
stops the animation. Anything that works or is neccesary for the stop and start animation triggers works and do their action.