I need help with a high-score system (solved)

I have been going INSANE trying to figure this out can anyone help me
I’m also a free account.


well, do you have indie or higher?

no i do not.

That might be your problem… I know you have to use cloud, and that is indie or higher to use… but there might be another way. I have no idea.

thank you for trying to help at least

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Yeah, anytime! If you want any help, you can ask any of us here at Overma Games!
@GameMaster107 (Me)
@Overma_Games (Also Me.)

thank you for more people to ask

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what exactly are you needing help with?

@yogergitate, you do not need a cloud behavior for a high score
[https://flowlab.io/game/play/686232] this is grazers example

ohhhhhh He needs to make a high score feature ((aka… leaderboard))

@yogergitate for a high score/leaderboard u need to have the game enable getting points by your choice of what the score is and when you die or beat a level it sends you to a different level for a leaderboard if you beat the score it will “save” from the level before and put it on the next level
{i hope this helps if not i could give you a small example.}

so i’m trying to have it to where overtime you get points as you’re trying to dodge arrows

NOTE: this is a personal leaderboard so you and your friends can take turns (on same device) to beat each others score this leaderboard will not show publicly
@JR01 or @grazer could help with that

if it’s not a problem to anything can i send a link to the game i’m making?

High scores are only available to be made using saves or cloud blocks.

and yes you can send a link