I need help with a time hiding

i want to make my closet time to hide, when player leaves the closet.
5 second rule.

I can’t even figure out how to hide in a closet. But just make a switch connected to the closet that turns off after you go out. And turns on after five seconds.

i want the time only to be visible when in the closet. press e to go in closet.

I am immensely disturbed.


i added that today to make it more scary.
don’t turn up the volume.:wink:


My PC is always on mute…


I swear this face get used in every “horror” game

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Fr, horror game devs should just use British teeth instead smh


its a common scary pic, search “scary smile pics” and it should show up.

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that didn’t word i already tried that

To make the time show set it’s alfa to 0 and then set it to 100 when you want to show and then back to 0 to disappear.

(If you need an example the power-ups in my game Freedom Fluffball have a timer like that but I wouldn’t use that example because the code is hectic.)((That’s why I didn’t put a link))