I need help with my jumping animation.

My character has a single frame for jumping because I’m making a character that’s Mario from Super Mario Bros. but, whenever he jumps, the animation plays for only like a split second and then he goes back to his standing position in mid-air. I want it to where when he jumps, his single frame, that is his jumping animation, plays whenever he’s in the air after jumping and it stops when he lands on the ground, but I can’t figure out myself how to fix that, so can you help me please? If you do, thanks! -Scraptap

This is my game with Mario: http://flowlab.io/game/view/972818
WAD to control the walking camera (the camera controls, well, the camera) and to control Mario use TFH. Walk to the left with camera to see Mario.

You could loop the animation or make the animation last longer.

The thing is, Greggo, I wanted Mario to be similar to himself from the game and he only has one frame on animation, but I’ll try the loop thing, thanks.

Loop means the animation will play continuously, it repeats until you stop it with the ‘stop’ input.

So this is what you need to do:
Enable loop animation.
Change priority to 1 so it can’t be interrupted by other animations (running).
Connect a line from the collision block to the ‘stop’ input of the animation block, so when you touch the ground the jump animation will stop.

Greggo, the loop thing worked besides the fact that when he lands after jumping, his jumping animation plays until you move left or right, do you know how to fix that? Can you stop an animation when you land on the ground? Please tell me if you know of a way to fix that, thanks.

Thanks, Latif3 and Greggo!

Edit: Yeah, Latif3, it is. BTW it totally worked!

no problem

funny how I fixed your problem before you told us

Of course! Your welcome!