I need help with this new test I'm making [Solved]

Ok, so this isn’t a game. Just making that clear. I just made a test for a brand-new concept i had.

One problem.
I can’t attach the gun to the right position.
I want the gun’s handle to be centered on the player instead of the middle of the gun. Any help?
@JR_01 @DinoDev Ik you guys are math big brain :3

The link to my game:


The easiest thing to try is making the sprite larger. Usually using a color with alpha of 1 so the hitbox is registered to be bigger.


Nice :upside_down_face:
It didn’t work at first, but I messed with the animations and now it’s perfect! Thanks bunches!
(Originally, I thought someone was gunna spit trigonometry, but this works too :upside_down_face:)


Another method is to use my Orbit 2 example.


You said I’m big math brain :sunglasses: - I’m younger than you, but I’ll still accept the compliment.

Actually, I’m in advanced algebra, so we might be doing the same math in school at the moment.

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oop :no_mouth:
Wow, lol. I thought you mentioned something about precalc once :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, we switch units through the semesters.

Plus, right now we’re still reviewing the 8th grade arithmetic, I hope we move on though.