i need help!

how do i make a thing where theres a shop and you can use money to buy items and use them

well it has to be in all one level make the coins disappear when touched by you, then make your char then have your… well grazer can explain this more than i can

I’ll explain it fast and easy, because it would take forever if I didn’t. If you don’t understand, then maybe someone will add depth to my example.
Basically you do this.

Set up a coin counter
You need it to appear on all levels, so either the player, or an object on the GUI HUD whatever, the top layer.
Anyway, collision with coin is the typical way, but however you want to earn coins, ex after battles or something, just send a number through a message to the object on the HUD, unless your character picks up the coins, and it connects the number to a Label. (there is a coin tutorial somewhere, if not, copy grazers monkey game, my DA is too messy with wires.)

Now for the store. Say you have a screen with a potion and you want to sell it for 50 coins. Have a Click Down connect to the (in) of an ON/OFF switch.
Have the coins number always sending a message to the potion object, and the potion has a mailbox that connects to a number (set) and (in).
Have that number go to a filter, and “greater than 49” (pass) connects to (ON) and (fail) connects to (OFF).
The ON/OFF switch sends a message to idk, what do you want an inventory?

Inventory tut.
On your HUD layer, make a potion object.
Same concept as the store.
The store sends a message to add (+) 1 to a number to the potion object.
Blah blah blah, um… Lets see…
Okay, so have an animation of a grey potion and an animation for a color potion.
The number connects to a filter “greater than 0” and that plays the color animation so you know you have a potion.
It also turns ON and ON/OFF switch that was connected to a click down, and the fail of the filter plays a gray potion animation and turns off the Switch.
The switch connects to a message that goes to the player, the message connects to a number and connects to a (+) to the players health.
Also when clicked on, in the potion in the HUD, the Switch connects to a number -1 that connects to the number (+) from earlier where the store message adds a 1.
Now the potion will be subtracted when clicked and turn gray if there aren’t any.

So yeah, see how much I typed and I didn’t even explain a lot? I would be here for an hour typing if I used detail and pictures.
Don’t expect to make a great game in a week, even a game like Bloons tower defense or Angry Birds took years to make.

I don’t know what to do…