I need some help with a jumpscare

My new game (THUNDER) is a horror game in development, (taking a break from dog games) and when you are caught by a shadow you get a… CRINGY jumpscare.

I need a little help on creating one because nobody applied for artist.

I honestly can’t do huge scale pixel art since my device will kick me out of my browser when it gets to laggy, lol. I’m sure someone on here would be willing to help out a lot more than I can.

Question: do you need help with the coding of the jump scare or just the art? I’m assuming its the art since you said that you didn’t have an artist.

put a creepy image from google or something and after it shows make a infinite loop telling the player to reload the page, that would scare the shit out of me

Just the art mp. Also images from google are… Even cringier.

thanks for

blocking the @$@&