I need somebody to rate my game, Riftblades.


BTW LvL 2 is supposed to be really hard with the archer.

And this game is supposed to be kinda like a 2D Skyrim, if you play Elder Scrolls.

5/5 its cool

just make the boots usable in any direction

Ok thanks

BTW I accidentally made the hover boots, idk how i did lol

when the Forward is used, IT affects the X/Y. so if you just want it to affect just X, dont use forard

hover boots could be used when holding the space bar, put a 6/10 on Y’s Velocity

Ok that makes more sense, but Spacebar has a sword animation thing.

And i was wondering if you knew how to make a shop interface and Equip Interface?

Ok. Tommy, I used to have this problem too. You used Destroyer to make things get destroyed. But, when you press play again, they are gone. Instead of using destroyer, Connect whatever you want into False for [Enabled] and % for [Alpha]. This will make it disapear, But will respawn when you play again.

ok thanks

Can you screenshot it though, i am still a bit confused