I need someone to make me a knight sprite(DEAD TOPIC)

eh here ill try to make a knight sprite oh wait do you still need a knight with wings sprite or did you get one already?

i could not help but animate it so if u want use it
(i added a dash animation just because)

frame 1 is base sprite, frame 2-3 is dash, frames 4-7 is fly, frames 8-16 is idle, and the rest are running.


that looks like the weirdest knight sprite ever in the hole entire world (no offense just sayin it looks weird)

Also i try making sprites!! >:( Why would you even say that.

I haven’t really done pixel art and… I still sucks, really need to improve it.

i can 100% agree with you on that XD

Then stop asking people to make them for you? It currently doesn’t look like you do.

I have to agree with @Galactian here, no one ever starts out great at anything. If you don’t practice you’ll never learn, and if you never learn you’ll never get better. Keep trying, ask for advice but don’t make them do the entire project themselves. Use reference images, look up tutorials. Do anything you can to improve at the art. No one is saying that you’ve never tried before, but its no excuse to quit. Good luck!


bro atleast i try first

you have anger issues man.

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Keep at it. The creative process says don’t stop working on your sprite until you’re happy with it.

You should take a break when you get frustrated but otherwise keep at it. Hard work pays off.


i dont have anger issues bro stop followin me

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uhhhhh,you threatened to beat a random dude up and nuked a forum.

also rude too,you just say hmmm,maybe try to impraove and not that its weird.

i said no offense and he agreed with me too

and i nuked that forum BC YOU NUKED MINE!


you nuked me so nuked you

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simple as that (im not going to fight you)

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say whatever but arguing wont solve anything it has already been done you cant rewrite the past (so drop it)

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