I need someone to make me a knight sprite(DEAD TOPIC)

I need a knight character with wings with animation for walking, and the flying.

Please stop asking people to make you extremely complex sprite designs. You usually have to pay for people to make as complex things as you want us to make for you (and we’ve already given you references and ideas for free).

er ya go!


Knight for the person on the forums

Knight for the person on the forums idle Knight for the person on the forums fly Knight for the person on the forums walk

no need to thank me (⌐■ ڡ ■)


It could not be that good though. (to galactian)

You realize that if you never want to do something yourself because you think you are bad at it you’re never going to improve lol


please dont be mean this is not a arguement chat room


I’m not being mean, I’m giving life advice.

this is not life advace at all (im not gonna fight you)

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I’m not being mean at all. It is life advice: I said that if your scared of doing something because you think it will turn out bad you’re never going to get good at it.

how is he scared to make pixal art

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He’s scared to make art because he thinks it will be bad. That’s exactly what they said.

thats fine he just wants to make hes game look good thats all :slight_smile:

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Don’t say that I’m being mean then. All I did was say that if they never tried they would never get good at it.

It kinda was Dragon, if you don’t try something you may not improve, when I first started drawing I was terrible but after a while I learned shading and new skills from just pushing myself to get better. Art is a skill you have to build it usually doesn’t come naturally (unless you’re some type of prodigy).

Just become a sigma male lol. Grind to get better at your art. #thegrindneverstops #centillionairegrindset #sigmarule


Basically yeah, just get on the grind :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I first suck at pixel art, look at me now.

The art to my games and my pfp was made by me

you could just have practice


Might as well say what I did last time too. If you aren’t feeling too confident with detailed pixel art try going for a simplistic approach. I made a little “demo” so you could get the idea, its 8x8 pixel art :slight_smile:



This is too hard to read, one day they’ll learn.


if you want to make good art, practice every day to develop your own art style and you can make a unique game with your own art. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also tried my way with the knight sprite just to give an example (not animated)
ik it looks a bit odd