I need sprites for a school project

Could somebody please make me some sprites or send me some. I’m trying to make a game where colonists steal land and kill native americans. I need a sprite for a native american and one for a colonist. I also need some plants like corn and stuff.


I would help but I have school and even if I tried to help you after class one of the artists here would’ve probably beaten me to it already. :frowning:

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If you need any art done, for a game or for anything really, you can ask me.

What do you want the resolution to be? How many blocks long and wide? Both for the Native Americans and for the plants?

If you can, it’s always better to draw them yourself. But if you need them ASAP and if one of the artists here doesn’t or can’t help you out, then you can edit the default sprites to make them.

It doesn’t take that long to edit default sprite [characters] to make new ones, just search an image on Google to use as a reference. You can find the default sprites through the Browse button in the sprite editor. I recently had a school assignment where I made a game too, and I tried this method successfully to turn one of the default characters into an electrician.

Doing this will let you focus on the programming/coding and also the educational/assignment things more and be able to submit before it’s due.

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