I need to flip gravity after pressing space(SOLVED)

I need help on making a ball gamemode for my remake of Geometry dash, (The name I am keeping hidden, as well as the link lol.) I need to make it so when going through the ball portal, pressing space will reverse gravity, like in the original game.
Can anyone help me with an in-depth explanation or a example game? (I already tried the flipping gravity example game, it doesn’t work with my system.)

can I see the game?(just pretend that I never asked that)

There is a behavior called “LevelPhysics,” you can use that to switch gravity. However it applies to all objects, so if other things are affect by gravity it won’t work for you.

If it’s a geometry dash clone, that shouldn’t matter at all

@BradenS Why would it not matter? There are gravity pads, gravity orbs, and the ball gamemode. How does it not matter?!?!

edit:sorry, not in a very good mood.

You could change the Y velocity so be a positive number when the gravity flips, so you start floating up instead of falling down.

Then just use Y impulse behavior for jump pads and such.

I’ll try that thank you!

again, sorry BraydenS

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I was talking about all the other objects besides the player, referring to alpaca’s post, since it was only the player that ever changes gravity in gd (No hard feelings, just a misunderstanding :ok_hand:)

Ahh ok thanks for the suggestion!

It actually might be a negative number that goes up. I know the graphing system in the flow lab editor is kind of reversed when it comes to y velocity and such. So it should be one or the other, lol.

Depends if velocity or motor/impulse is used. Impulse/Motor is a positive value, Velocity is a negative value

How long have you been learning Flowlab @CodeAlpaca you seem to know a lot of things of how to fix things people have issues with.

For 2 years ~4 months. Started Dec. 1st 2021

Though probably become on of the top users only 9-10 months in. In my first year I’d answer a ton of help requests which helped me learn a lot, though I haven’t answered as many in the last year.

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Dang you have been here a while!

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No really, I’m pretty new compared to most of the other users. Like Big Bread is older than me by a month I think, and Galactian is a few months older as well. Then people like JR, Recryptech, PixelPizza, Recreger, crigence, DinoDev, etc. Have been using Flowlab a few years longer than me and I’m just as good/better than them #FastLearner

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I guess so some others have been here for a good minute

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