I Need Tutorial Suggestions - JR 01

In the next few weeks, I plan to start making a few different Tutorial series on My Youtube channel. If you go to my channel now, you’ll just see weekly Beat Saber videos.

I’m not exactly sure on how I’m going to do this or how much explaining I should do and not over do it. Below is a list (that has been added to since writing this) full of ideas for series I could may or may not do that I would like to have everyone’s thoughts on. I’ve made many ideas and examples to show off, but I’m unsure on where to start / begin the series or what to do first. Also on what not to do first or if there should be an order to the videos. Also for example, I would like to polish up my examples before making videos on them. As well as to keep the videos around 10 minutes and to go over different things at different times. For beginner guides and steps, there are already plenty of videos you can watch, such as here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT7f58qbtX9Lmcns5oLTMX1lQTz80f0Iu, so I don’t think I would really need to add much else for “beginners” unless y’all really need it. So I’m thinking of reaching my hand in the more advance areas, if everyone can learn form it. If y’all have a series idea to suggest or a suggestion of these, then please leave a comment.

Series I think I can do:

  • Flowlab’s Behavior Tutorials
  • Understanding Behaviors
  • Flowlab Example Tutorials
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Advance Tips & Tricks
  • Program Bundles
  • Going over the editor?

Not Sure about / issues:

  • Something beginner??
  • Making a game??
  • Oversimplifying and/or overcompensating things
  • Reviews??

Behaviors: will go over each sub groups of behaviors and briefly explain what they do.
Understanding Behaviors: will have there own videos to more explain more on what they can do (like Save and Expression behaviors).
Example’s: will just explain my own Example and Test games, and show how you can make them.
Tips & Tricks: explains on things that may need separate videos like how to do animations, custom hitboxes, layers & object layers, etc.
Advance: would go over things that I would usually do when using Flowlab, like how to import sprite sheets, exporting games, binary movement,
or just bigger stuff if you already know how to use Flowlab.
Program Bundles: goes over bundles I use all the time for more advance programming (this may involve example games, but will use others games).

Those are just a few ideas I’ve had, but the only ones I can think of that I could TRY to do.
I Need Suggestion / Feedback / Help on what y’all think I should do, should do first, and how to cover them (what info should be in the video).
I would like to ask @grazer @PixelPizza @“Mhx Ar” @CrimsonBlackGames @Latif @TinkerSmith and everyone else to comment suggestions.

Oh my god… This is what I have been waiting for! I was actually planning to do a website for flowlab tutorials sk this will help a lot if we collab. Regaurdless, I have been using your flowlab tutorials for soem time so I feel obliged to help.

I have been using flowlab for a year, and thinh like semi solid platforms, checkpoints, and much more stuff I wrote off as impossible for flowlab. I did not realise the potential of the game engine until relitivley recently, to be honest. And I never thought to ask because I just thought… Why?

So, what I would do is have levels of difficulty for this.

  1. Begginer. As in The Flowlab Tutorial level begginer. Enough said.

  2. Basic. Basic things you find how to do, Key and Gate code, top down, the simple stuff

  3. Intermediate. Stuff that woild be easy to do and helpful to do, whixh may take a bit of time but is a fun addition to the game, maybe take half an hour to an hour, e.g Save Data

  4. Avanced. Some complex stuff whixh you would need a bit of a tutorial for or else forget it. Most flowlab pro’s are really familiar with this level of work, just looking at code makes almost no sense, e.g Starblast Rainbow effect

  5. Expert. You might need a math degree for this. This would be REALLY hard and complex stuff. If you bother making a forum, expect at least 5 or 6 pages for some flowlab pro’s to fix. Equasions, Extractors, all the stuff that even give Flowlab pro’s a headache. This would take a LONG time to do, as well as having to actually do some deep thinking at how to do this…

And, as I was saying before, Don’t rely or request! Do loads of spontainus things that you can do and give a tutorial. Suprise the viewer. That’s how I feel scrollig through your account.

And What I want from a flowlab tutorial is not someone who acts like this is easy, who assumes you can do things, but a more down-to-earth kind of guy, with tips, references, and makes the watcher smile when doing so. I would also prefer soemone to explain in depth, no matter how long the video is until even someone new to flowlab gets it.

Now, @“JR 01” is probably thinking, “how am I supose to know which catagory this goes in?”. I say it is up to you. Especially for the Expert ones. Some things easy to you is hell for others, so that’s why I gave a short discription of each. See if it fits to it! Still not sure? Just put it as a mix, e.g Advanced - Expert level.

Mind mu spelling - I did this on my phone…

Well @“The Kodex”,
I haven’t made an actual tutorial video yet, but I’ve done a few channel updates and a timelaps video of making one of my harder examples. Its not a tutorial for the example, its just a time lapse though I think itself would be along the Expert area. Its long and a little boring, and is kinda of an example of what I dont want to do for a tutorial video, but will do for progression and updates for what I’m doing (with Youtube and Flowlab). Check it out: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9h_bdxOfVCI

Sounds great and I don’t envy you about all the work involved shiver

But always willing to help out if needed. Just don’t expect much during the week, this Covid thing keeps us busy at the hospital.

I don’t have much to add. Eitheirway, always looking forward to your creations!

Just thoughts on the series I’m looking at making, as well as other things I can look into.

Maybe start simple and see how it goes. Behaviours would probably be a good starting point, many questions show up related to them.
The handbook explains them, but I imagine beginners would also benefit from seing examples of how they can be used.

Can u start vids after pressing F11? It will be fullscreen.

Thanks @TinkerSmith, Starting with a Behavior guide would probably be best.
I tried a few “beginner” attempts for a video but its always anything but beginner, so explaining facts and the function of Flowlab would be a better start.

Thanks for the suggestion @Mainfunctestalbois, it help a little but the game / editor is about the same size when you go full screen, but it will look nicer.

i subscribed

Thanks, though I’m still doing weekly Beat Saber vids for the moment.
I plan on doing tutorials, but it may be a week or 2 before I get them out.

I got tests all next week and I wont be able to start on this until another week or 2

Hey @“JR 01” you could create an account on my website and post your videos on the forum page, if you want to.


@“JR 01” press ctrl + - when in fullscreen.(if you want to make normal size press ctrl + +)

That’s to zoom, its good to play the game but not too good for the editor. Thanks to the tip though

@“JR 01” not sure if its been mentioned yet (too lazy to scroll up) but what about a super basic frame work of a complete game. Title screen. Character select screen. Level 1. Level 2. Boss. Check point. Score. Collectible item. Inventory. Shop. Death screen. Music. As simple as possible while still showing concept. Essentially all the little tutorials tied together into a series. Ive been wanting to do this just for the conceptual exercise for a while, but could help write the storyboard for or team up to create. Would be nice to see how all the pieces fit together to make a final thing which is something I feel individual tutorials tend to lack.

Actually now my brain is spinning on this (along with a bunch of other ideas) so Ill probably flesh out the concept and hand it off.

This sounds fantastic - let me know if there is anything I can do to support you guys in this. Having more tutorials is always a big help :slight_smile:

@todorrobot I like the idea of making an all in one example game but I would like to make the examples series first before putting them together.

I also like the idea to have a base list of “essentials” that are needed in a game.
Making a game from a custom minimal list for what everyone “needs” to be in a game.
I also kept thinking of ideas too, the “Series I think I can do” list tripled as a was writing it down.
If you have more ideas or some suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Glad you like it Grazer, hopefully I can do it well and be super helpful.
Let me know if you have any ideas on how I should make these videos.

can you explain LOGIC GATE and BLENDING

Alright, its on the list.
I’m going to make 2 behaviors series, the second is to make separate videos for complex behaviors.
Such as expressions, Blending and other ones.

Logic Gate’s aren’t that bad, Just depends on what inputs going in on that frame.
Here’s is a small guide on the types of Gates: https://flowlab.io/behavior_handbook/#logic-math-logic-gate