I neeeeed help FAST!

I am trying to do this but I cant’ I need to put 3 hearts in a row for the health bar but I cant seem to do that HELP!

Leave a link to the game

You can create custom health in the UI layer, just message the health when the player is hurt.

this is the link https://flowlab.io/game/view/1370465

Make a single heart object, then place 4 in the UI layer.
Message the health to them and use this: (First 4 filters are 16, 48, 80, 112)

wait why 16, 48,80 and 12

Because @probablydon, those are the locations of the center of the first few blocks on the grid.

ive been tryna figure that out for days too thanks

thanks @“JR 01” but I don’t know to how make to create the objects itself. you know the 3 hearts standing side by side, can you show me how to do it?

You need single hearts for the code I showed and have to be in the top left corner.

Here’s the video.

The numbers are actually 15, 47, 79, 111

Here’s Part 2:

@“JR 01” Thank you for that! I was also meaning that I need to make this. Screenshot (168)
Screenshot (169)
Screenshot (170)

Do exactly as I showed before, but instead, change the filters to these numbers.
335, 367, 399, 431.

Look at the 2 videos I sent in my last comment, Just instead to place the hearts in the top right with the numbers I just said.

Thank you so much for doing this for me! How’d you learn so much?

I started a large project last year and it took 6 months to learn the website and make Drive Nero.
Afterwards, I just started helping around the forums and started making examples for everyone to use.

I’m always testing and making examples, so I leaned quite a bit and still am.
You can see all my examples and tests by searching my name in the game section.

so can I learn Drive Nero and what is drive Nero anyway?

@“Tim01”, Drive Nero is @“JR 01”'s game. It is available on the app store, but you can still play it here on Flowlab.

I fixed the wording but yeah, Drive Nero was my first big game.

Here’s the link: