So, because I do not have a PC, only Mac and Chromebook, I cannot make my own colors. My usual method is to choose a picture from the internet that has similar colors, dowload it, eyedrop the color, then use it on the object. However, for some reason when I swap objects the color doesn’t retain! And I can’t make a neon blue Siren Head!!! @grazer @“JR 01” , I think a needed and helpful feature would be where if you eyedrop a color, it adds it to your palette. Please help and thanks for reading this!
@browngr @glithctyrus @“The Kodex” @BitWit

I’m a bit confused about the Mac part. I’m currently using a MacBook, and I can access and retain my custom colours fine. What type of Mac are you using? That might be a start.

On top of that, I usually use hex codes to get my colors. Does your eyedropper tool let you see the hex of the color? If so you could just copy it and paste it into the art editor so you can use it there

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 9.32.52 AM

I am on chromebook, my mac isnt accessable right now. My problem is that the color button is blocked so I can’t use any of the Siren Head colors.

That’s a bug that’s been around for a bit, I doubt it’ll change, because it’s because of the framing of the actual Chromebook. You’re going to need to wait to get the right colours…

@browngr this is what my siren head looks like rnScreenshot 2020-05-19 at 9.38.37 AM

At least it sounds cool…

Can you resize the window to see the colors? I use windows so this is out of my territory

No, you can change the size of the window on Chromebook, but it’s definitely not the same to say the least lol

@BitWit I need to know all this which I dont to get window resizer…
I think there should be a “Switch to Chromebook” option on the sprite editorScreenshot 2020-05-19 at 9.43.00 AM

I used the window resizer!

It never changed the screen to the right size, for a PC viewport I need a bigger screen ;(

@browngr you are on pc. If I gave you perms to edit the game, would you add the colors for me? I could do the rest, since eyedropper works on a single sprite.

I guess, why can’t you access your Mac right now?

My family is sleeping in the common room if you have to know @browngr

Oof. It shouldn’t be long until you can get it then, but I don’t know your time zone so who knows it might be like 1 in the morning for you lol
My suggestion is to wait. Programming takes time.

it’s 11 am…

By the way, what do you think of this? My first beepbox attempt. I’m thinking at the end of a level or something.

It shows potential, definitely some other melodies to give the tune an accent.

Um ok
goes to google
How to make music like virtual riot
First page says it’s impossible
Me: returns to flowlab
Um I can’t

@browngr I added in a temporary placeholder, what do you think?

And I may have… I may have set 15 Siren Heads loose in the map…