I released a video on game voting!

OH! I thought I was abusing someone. Except for Caps.

Try just Making Those CAPS Bold. Example: Caps

It’s Not A Joke

yea. Let’s get back on topic. So i am currently working on a game. Want to give me suggestions. PLEASE BE HONEST!
Link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1506824

  • It’s Good So Far, But I Think It Would Be Better If You Can Also Move Up And Down
  • And The Explosions Dont Last Too Long… I THink It Will Be Better If You Make Them Fade Out
  • Also, Can You Make It Where The Enemy Moves A Little Slower?

Looks Like The Game Still Has Some Effort Put Into It
Btw I Like The Backround.

I Can’t Post Anymore, Because I Have School Right Now Bye!