I released a video on game voting!

The first video on Voting on a GAME! In the very first video in October (was removed by me) I told you that there would be a voting section on 2 games that I play. I hope that you will watch this video. I rated @JR01 's game “Escape the Rewind” and @CrimsonBlackGames game “Focus II”. Plz, vote if you are planning to watch the video. I hope you guys will like it!
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LscPKUhPlVA


I really don’t suggest to do as many globals like I did in the game. I just figured out the behavior and was just having fun. :sweat_smile:

Hey @Tim01 thanks for posting the video!


This is really cool @Tim01

@Caden9 Did You Not Notice The Charecter Limit For My Post?

I’ll admit, I didn’t notice

Yay, now you can spam up the forums with low quality posting - I guess that’s a win? Is it really too much to ask to just use 30 seconds of thought before hitting the Reply button?


Im Not A Spamming Type Person.

Because the previous 5 comments before Grazers was really related to the topic, and not taking up a screen size of unrelated comments.


This is really cool @Tim01, I hope you don’t stop!

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How do you do that tell me plz

Sorry @Grimiscoolandstuff Im In School Right Now

Well you told me lol

Not Spamming huh?
I dont see how any of this is related to the discussion.

@JR01, I totally agree, it is not related to discussion, but isn’t it fun to SPAM? @Grimiscoolandstuff, @pixelknife31, @grazer, @AbstractGallery, @Caden9. Well, thank you for liking the video, and I hope I can make more videos EVEN THOUGH NOONE VOTED! Anyways, I think that you will get it once I start posting a lot more videos.
ONCE AGAIN I THANK YOU YA"LL for enjoying the video.

Warning 1: Abusing Caps

Um, WHAT? What are you talking about?

Abuseing Caps Bro